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Your One Shop Online Italian 银河优越会 Deli - Italian 银河优越会 Online - Authentic Italian 银河优越会 Deli

Camisa Online maintain the tradition of delivering a full range of Italian 银河优越会 online from our authentic range of Italian deli products such as Italian Cheeses,Olive Oils,Fresh pasta,Fresh Olives and Antipasti ,we also have some of the best quality authentic Italian Charcuterie to buy either sliced or whole,all freshly imported weekly.

Bringing to the UK one of the finest selections of authentic Italian 银河优越会 online, our mission is to use our local contacts and knowledge built up through generations to source some wonderful artisan Italian 银河优越会s that you wont find anywhere else.

Over 90% of our lines are imported exclusively by us from small Artisan companies including Martelli,producers of one of the finest dry pastas on the market.


A traditional all butter panettone,hand wrapped in elegant foil paper with a nice bow.These make a w..
A special mix of naturally coloured pitted Leccino olives,garlic,onion and chilli..
Typical Sicilian recipe of cracked Nocellara olives and a mix of parsley,oregano and celery ..
Provolone Piccante is a semi hard cheese with a sharp piquant flavour which has been matured four a ..
Gruyere reserve,matured for 14 months in the Fribourg region of Switzerland,to produce a cheese w..
Prepared according to a jealously guarded recipe,the queen of of traditional soft drinks contains th..
In a Dolce and Gabbana designed packet comes this fun new range of pasta by Di MartinoCelebrating al..
The Spaghetti,made using the very finest Canadian Durum Wheat flour in the Martelli family factory i..
Finestrotti are small crackers,similar to Crostini,that are used as a base for spreading Olive Tapan..
Coffee cream filled Codine pastries , enjoy them with your morning coffee or as a dessert SPECIAL OF..
Italian Codine pastries, made with filo pastry and shaped as a lobster tail and filled with chocolat..
Crunchy,baked Cannoli shells filled with Lemon cream .These are the true kings of Italian desserts,f..
A rich and full flavoured Sicilian Cherry Tomato sauce,perfect with any pasta ..
Deliciously moreish panettone filled with nice sharp lemon cream and studded with pieces of candied ..
Polara Blood Orange has an intense,attractively citrusy flavour and a rich fruity aroma,made with na..
Tasty and refreshing,every sip of Polara Aranciata regales the palate with all the flavour,aroma and..
Cedrata,made with traditional methods using natural extracts of citron,enveloping its intense bouque..
Made the old fashioned way,with natural extract from the Cinotto orange of Chinese origins,this drin..
With its intense,decisive flavour Polara Limonata combines the effervescence of its bubbles with 12%..
Queen of all the cocktails,Tonic is a refreshing drink with a characteristic bitter,slightly tart af..
Cured Beef Bresaola Punta D"Anca,traditionally used in the Venetian dish of Carpaccio,with fine shav..
Made from coarsely chopped pork and seasoned with Paprika,this Choriso is Piccante,so is on the hot ..
Made from the neck and shoulder of specially selected pigs,Coppa di Parma is a whole joint of meat t..
A very typical Tuscan salami,Finocchiona has its origins in the middle ages when the soaring price o..
Let us take the job of deciding what to have on your lunch board with our Italian Tapas Selection. ..
What can we say about these Panettone except simply Stunning ! From the collaboration between t..
Traditional Panettone with a lovely crust of iced sugar and studded with Sicilian Almonds ..
Oh my goodness,if you like chocolate you are going to love these new cakes, filled with rich chocola..
Rich hand wrapped and finished Panettone,crusted with iced sugar and crunchy Sicilian Pistachio nuts..
All the flavours and traditions of Panettone but leaving out the candied fruit and raisins,much in t..
A traditional panettone,filled with moist Marsala soaked raisins and candied fruit,hand wrapped in t..
These fun Tortiera tins contain a fruit panettone,and are based on a traditional Italian baking tin ..
Rich moist Panettone cake studded with chocolate drops and covered in a crunchy iced sugar topping&n..
A classic Italian staple, Mostarda is a mix of candied fruits dipped in sugar and mustard syrup that..
A true Italian Christmas classic.Candied Chestnuts coated with sugar syrup,wonderful..


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